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Preparing To Play A Nite At The Races®
  1. Arrange the Room. Organize the room in which the game is to be played in such a manner so that everyone in attendance will be able to view the races without interference. Arrange tables (windows) for Mutuel Ticket Sellers and for Cashier on either side of the screen (television monitor), or at the sides, or at the rear of the room. Arrange seating so that there is an aisle down the center for easy access to the Ticket Sellers.
  2. Assign Ticket Sellers. Before the game starts Tickets Sellers are informed.
    a) Of the manner of distributing Funny Money.
    b) That the tickets for each race are different in color.
    c) That the Daily Double will be played in the 4th and 5th race, or whatever two races may be decided upon, and that the tickets for the Daily Double may be purchased at any time prior to the running of the 4th race or whichever other race may be the first part of the Daily Double.
    d) Of instructions for playing each race and the Daily Double, as well as the Exacta, the Quinella and whatever other games may be played.
    e) Of the method of using the Computation (Control) Sheets for tabulating each race, as well as the Daily Double, the Exacta, the Quinella, the Numeracta™, etc.
    f) That tickets are sold for win only, unless Place and show betting is included.
  3. Distribute Programs. Official Souvenir Programs and Funny Money are distributed to guests as they arrive.
  4. Greetings by M.C. When the game is ready to get underway, the Master of Ceremonies welcomes everyone to the activity. He or she explains how the game is played, using the terms appropriate to that particular format of racing, including the Daily Double, The Exacta, the Quinella, the Numeracta™, etc.
  5. Selling Mutuel Tickets. A pre-arranged period of time should be set for the purchase of Mutuel Tickets. This length of time depends upon the number of persons in attendance as well as the number of Ticket Sellers and Cashiers assigned. A gathering of approximately 200 players lined up to be served by one Ticket Seller and a Cashier will require about 15-20 minutes. Sellers may also circulate through the audience for the sale of tickets. Before the agreed period of time the MC declares the “Mutuel Windows” officially closed for the 1st race.
  6. Viewing the Races. The MC explains that all DVD’s or VHS tapes are sealed and that it is impossible for anyone to know the outcome of any race. The sealed DVD or VHS tape should be shown to the audience to assure them that in fact the product is sealed.
  7. Announcing Payoffs. Before the race gets underway, the MC receives the payoff figures from either the Ticket Seller or the Cashier. He or she then announces: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here are the payoffs for the 1st Race. If Entry No. 1 wins, it will pay ________Dollars. If Entry No. 2 wins, it will pay ________Dollars, etc.
  8. The Post Parade. After the payoff figures have been announced, the lights are dimmed and the DVD or VHS tape are started for the 1st race. You will first see the field of horses parading to the post and lining up at the starting gate. A thrilling race is then viewed in natural, beautiful color. To add to the mounting excitement, the announcer at the track will be heard calling the positions of the entries by their saddle cloth numbers, rather than by their names, as they race to the finish line. In a “Past Performance”, actual names are called by the track announcer.
  9. The Exciting Finish. As the entries are pounding their way to the end line, you will clearly see the order of finish. In races where it is difficult to determine the winner, the actual photo-finish pictures taken at the track are seen by the audience. The order of finish is also flashed on the “Tote Board”. The lights are then turned on and the MC repeats the official winner and announces the amount of the payoff.
  10. Payoffs to Winners. Those holding numbers on the winning entry go to the Cashier where they receive their winnings. After all the winning tickets have been redeemed, the MC announces that the “Mutuel Windows” are open for the 2nd Race. The same procedure, as explained herein, is followed throughout the remainder of the program.

Click Here For Instructions For Calculating Payoffs & Daily Doubles


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