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A Nite At The Races, Inc. makes its copyrighted races available in DVD, VHS and 16mm motion picture film. Our races are provided to your organization on a “rental basis” for a specific showing date and it is advisable to place your order at least one month in advance of your event. It is our practice to ship the Racing Kit and its contents to arrive one week prior to your showing date. In this manner you can inspect the contents and review all the supplies provided. Payment is required in order to ship your order and to keep our rental fees reasonable for non-profit organizations we do not accept credit cards. If your order contains “advertising materials”, these items will be shipped the day your order and payment are received in our office. The estimated shipping charges that appear on our Rental Order Form merely covers the cost of shipping the standard basic kit and its contents. When additional items are ordered, the weight of the parcel increases and you will incur additional shipping charges, especially for advertising materials which ship in advance of the Racing Kit and its contents. 


Please print and fill out the PRICE LISTING – RENTAL ORDER FORM. Mail this form to our office along with your payment and a “First Time User Letter” on your organizations stationary. See Rental Form for details. Upon receipt of your order an invoice will be mailed to you confirming the items ordered, the shipping date of your order and our rental policy. If you provide us with your email address, we will forward you a United Parcel Service “tracking number” the day your order leaves our office.


The races provided by "A Nite At The Races, Inc." are our exclusive copyrighted productions. All of our races are shot by our cinematographers at major American race tracks and are not available for sale. Rentals must be placed back into transit to our office on the very next business day following your scheduled use via United Parcel Service, insured for $800.00 against loss. Return packets and instructions for return are provided with all orders. Return shipment of "races" is at customer's expense. Late charges will be instituted if our races are not back in our office within seven (7) business days after your date of use. Our policy is stated on our rental invoice and on our website. See Price Listing – Rental Order Form for details.

All the game supplies that we have provided such as Officlal Race Programs, Mutuel Tickets, etc., are yours to keep. The next time you place an order, you will receive completely different races and color coded supplies.

If you have specific questions, a Customer Service Representative will be happy to be of assistance to you. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. through 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. After 2:00 p.m. our staff transfers to our race track facility where we handle cable feeds for broadcast television.

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Fundraising is accomplished through attendance donations, sponsoring-a-horse (horse ownership) and by soliciting merchant advertisers and sponsors for your A Nite At The Races® social event.
Attendance Donations: If you expect 200 people to attend your event and each person pays $20.00 for an "attendance donation" ticket, you have raised $4,000.00.
Sponsoring-A-Horse (Horse Ownership): Most organizations run 10 races with 10 horses running in each race. If you sell 100 Sponsoring-A-Horse donations at $20.00 each, you have raised $2,000.00 in advance of your social event.
Merchant Advertisers and Sponsors: Many businesses are more than willing to donate a sponsorship for an advertisement to appear on your custom printed race programs. If you sell 20 sponsorships at $100.00 each, you have raised $2,000.00 in advance of your social event.
Jockey Names: This is a similar idea to Sponsoring-A-Horse, however, people or businesses donate $20.00 to own a Jockey Name of their choice. If you sell 100 Jockey Names at $20.00 each, you have raised an additional $2,000.00 in advance of your social event. The winning jockey of each race is entitled to a prize or the names of all the winners are placed within a drawing box for a prize drawing at the conclusion of your event. Many organizations produce a list of Jockey Names on their computer and place several listings on each table in the meeting room.
Auction Race: In advance of your social event you may solicit "Auction Race Donations" for the last race to be played. You can sell as many "Auction Race" donations as desired. This is the big race of your event and a valuable prize is awarded to the person or company who has made the highest Auction Race donation. We have heard of organizations giving away a television set, a DVD player, an MP3 player, etc. Let's assume that the last race of your event is the 10th Race. Make your own "Auction Race Tickets" similar to the sample shown below.
Auction Race No. 10 - Horse No. 1
Auction Race Owner: ________________________ Auction Race Donation $____________
Telephone: ________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Other interesting ideas include ...
50/50 Raffles: This concept has been around for ages and is an excellent money maker.
Prize Auctions: People donate prizes in advance of your event. Place the prizes on display so that people can bid on them.
Ingenuity by committee members can best determine what method of raising funds will be used by your organization.
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The "Number Narration Kit" and the "Past Performance Kit" are our most popular racing kits.
Number Narration Kit - The professional racetrack announcer calls these races by the horses' saddle cloth numbers. The programs that are supplied with this kit have silly/comical names for the horses, not the horse's real name in real life.
Past Performance Kit - The professional racetrack announcer calls these races by the horse's actual names. The programs that are supplied with this kit have the horse's actual names in real life. In addition, the programs feature statistics showing how the horses have performed in the past.
    The above Race Kits contain supplies for 200 guests: Click Here For Free Literature
  • 200 Official Souvenir Race Programs.
  • Two Sets of Mutuel Wagering Tickets (Betting Tickets). Each set contains (25) tickets for each horse. This will allow you to have two ticket sellers in your meeting room.
  • 200 Daily Double Tickets (2 pads of 100 tickets each).
  • 1500 Funny Money bills in $1.00 denominations.
  • Odds Computation (Control) Sheets for each race and the Daily Double.
  • One Toteboard Poster used to record the winning horse in each race and the horse's payoff.
  • Master of Ceremonies Guide that provides instructions for the M.C. to explain "A Nite At The Races®" to your audience.
  • Easy to understand Instructions for playing A Nite At The Races®.

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  • Arrange the room so that everyone in attendance will be able to view the races without interference.
  • Assign two Mutuel Ticket Sellers and a Daily Double Ticket Seller in the opposite corners of your meeting room.
  • Greet guests as they enter the room. Guests are given a Souvenir Race Program and Funny Money.
  • Master of Ceremonies to welcome your guests and explain how "A Nite At The Races"® is played, the minimum bet, etc.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes for the sale of Mutuel Wagering Tickets for each race. Actual viewing time for each race is approximately 4 ½ minutes.
  • Once the betting windows are closed, the payoff's are calculated for each horse and announced to the audience prior to the running of each race.
  • Funny Money payoffs are made to the winners of each race along with a prize drawing ticket.

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First, determine the approximate number of guests that will be present for your A Nite At The Races® fun or fundraising social event. (Keep in mind that our most popular fundraising Kits are the "Number Narration Kit" and the "Past Performance Kit". These two kits include 1500 bills of Funny Money in the $1.00 denomination.) Next, determine a minimum bet. We suggest a minimum bet of $2.00 per ticket, as well as the Daily Double. Most organizations only allow one bet per race, but this can be altered if desired. For example, if you are playing ten (10) races and a Daily Double game, each player is given $22.00 worth of Funny Money. There are, however, organizations who give greater sums of Funny Money to each player. Keep in mind, larger denominations make payouts faster and easier. We also offer $2.00 bills, $5.00 bills and $10.00 bills, shrink wrapped (500) bills per package. If your organization desires, you can give each player more Funny Money to allow for additional wagering. If you decide to give additional Funny Money to each player; you should order extra sets of Mutuel Tickets (betting tickets) to accommodate additional wagering.
Reminder: Retain at least $500.00 in Funny Money for your Tickets Sellers. Having enough Funny Money is important, so do calculate the amount you will need based on the number of guests that will be present for your event. Having more Funny Money than is needed is better than not having enough Funny Money.
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The "Number Narration Kit" and "Past Performance Kit" include two sets of Mutuel Wagering Tickets. The two sets equal a total of fifty (50) betting tickets for each horse in each race and will allow you to have two (2) Ticket Sellers in your meeting room. Each Ticket Seller has twenty-five (25) betting tickets for each horse.
For each additional one hundred players, we suggest ordering one additional set of Mutuel Tickets for the number of races you have ordered. The two sets we provide will easily accommodate 200 guests.
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When the betting windows are declared closed for each race, the Mutuel Ticket boards are turned over to the person who has been chosen to compute the Funny Money payoffs for each horse. The payoffs are computed using the "Ticket Computation (Control) Sheets" provided with your Race Kit.
Prior to the running of each race, your Master of Ceremonies announces the Funny Money payoffs for each horse. At this point your audience is filled with excitement and ready to root, cheer and shout for their horse to win the race.
There are organizations that prefer not to compute true payoffs based on the actual number of bets made on each horse. These groups merely write-in arbitrary payoff figures for each horse on the Ticket Computation (Control) Sheets for each race to be played. This is done in advance of your event and obviously saves time in computing true payoffs.
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Many people feel intimidated with this procedure but it is extremely easy to compute the payoffs for each race. "Ticket Computation (Control) Sheets" are provided for each race making computing the payoffs a very simple procedure.
Tickets sold for each "race horse" in a race are referred to as Mutuel Tickets or Betting Tickets. The Mutuel Tickets are specially numbered and provide a ticket count for each horse as the tickets are being sold. When you close the betting windows for each race, you will know exactly how many tickets were sold on each horse by merely looking at the "horse number" mounted on the ticket board and viewing the digital number printed in the lower right hand corner of the ticket. Mutuel Tickets start at 00 and end at 24, totaling 25 tickets mounted on each ticket board. Remove the 00 ticket and the next ticket down is 01, 02, 03, etc. This count represents the tickets sold for that respective horse number. When the betting windows are closed for each race, follow step 1 through step 3.
Step 1 Enter the total number of bets made on each horse onto the Tickets Computation (Control) Sheet.
Step 2 Add the total number of bets made on "all the horses" in the race and enter that figure onto the Ticket Computation (Control) sheet. This is a simple process of addition.
Step 3 To obtain the "payoff" for each horse, merely divide the number of bets made on "each horse" into the Funny Money pool collected. For example: A total of 200 bets were made at $2.00 totaling $400.00 in Funny Money. There were twenty bets made on horse #3. Twenty (20) bets divided into $400.00 equals a $20.00 payoff to all the winners, assuming that horse #3 won the race. You will also receive a simple to use "Payoff Computation Chart" with your order. This chart gives you the correct payoff on each horse in a race without the use of a calculator. Computing the payoffs for other games that may be played are calculated in a similar manner and you should not be intimidated in ordering exotic games like the Exacta, the Quinella, etc.
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The same volunteers who sell the Mutuel Wagering Tickets will become the Cashier and dispense Funny Money payouts. When a player receives their Funny Money winnings, they should also be given a perforated two-part serial numbered ticket to be used for prize drawings. One part of the ticket is retained by the player and the other part of the ticket is placed within a "Winner's Box" for prize drawings. Double Roll Coupon Tickets are available for sale on our Rental Order Form. Prize drawings can take place at the end of your event or if desired, drawings can be made after each race. Most organizations prefer to draw prizes upon completion of the last horse race. This is most desirable since people will stay to the end of your event for prize drawings which also creates a lot of fun and excitement.
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At the conclusion of the event, prize drawings are conducted. Draw tickets at random from the "Winner's Box" for the number of "donated prizes" you have on hand. Some organizations prefer an "auction" whereby players use their Funny Money winnings to bid for prizes on display. If this method is used, a prize "drawing ticket" is not necessary. Players use the Funny Money they have won to bid for prizes on display. Each donated prize has a price tag affixed with a dollar value and participants can bid over that value in order to win the prize. Another interesting idea is to have a "Loser's Box" for consolation prizes to be drawn. Make an announcement prior to play that each player with a "loosing ticket" is to print their name on the back of their ticket and deposit the loosing ticket into a "Loser's Box" for prize drawings. Your guests will need something to write with! Don't forget to order golf pencils on page 3 of our Rental Order Form.
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Prior to your event, solicit people or businesses to donate $20.00 (or more) to "own" a race horse. This creates additional income for your organization and the winning horse sponsor receives a prize if their horse wins the race. If you are running ten races with ten horses running in each race, you have an opportunity to obtain one hundred donations to Sponsor-A-Horse. Selling Horse Ownerships is a simple process. Assign one person to sell Horse Ownerships for Race No. 1, another person to sell ownerships for Race No. 2, etc. You will be surprised how fast you can sell 100 Horse Ownerships! In addition, many organizations print their own Race Programs which allows the sponsor to name their horse, name the owner, and name the jockey. Printing your own personalized Race Programs adds that special touch and creates fun and laughter as your audience reads the funny names and comments. Organizations that are interested in Sponsoring-A-Horse should order a "Number Narration" kit with ten or twelve horses running in each race. Sponsoring-A-Horse Tickets are available on page 3 of our Rental Order Form.
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To advertise your event, we offer full color Post Cards, 8 ½ x 11" Advertising Slicks, and large 17 ½ "x 22 ½ " full color Advertising Posters. In addition, we offer a range of products to dress up your event! Colorful display posters, buttons and multicolored balloons printed with "A Nite At The Races®" name and logo.
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Daily Double
Player picks a horse to win in two races back to back. We suggest running the Daily Double on the 4th and 5th races. The Daily Double is a separate bet and has nothing to do with regular wagering. For example: Player picks 6 and 2. The 6 horse must win the 4th race and the 2 horse must win the 5th race for the player to win the Daily Double.
Player picks two horses to come in 1st and 2nd position in one race. The two horses picked must finish exactly as chosen. The Exacta can be played in any race as a separate wager. For example: Player picked 2 and 7. To win 2 and 7 must be the order of the 1st and 2nd position horses for the player to win the Exacta.
Player picks two horses to come in 1st and 2nd position in one race. The two horses picked must finish 1st and 2nd or in the reverse order. For example: Player picked 5 and 3. A winning ticket would be 5 and 3 or 3 and 5 to win the Quinella.
Player picks three horses to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. The three horses picked must finish exactly as chosen. For example: Player picked 2, 5 and 3. Horses must finish 2, 5, and 3 to win the Triple.
Player picks three horses in order to win the race and "adds" up the three numbers. For example: 3, 8 and 12 are the horse numbers picked. The three horse numbers chosen add up to 23. To "win" any combination of the first three horses to finish the race that "add" up to your "numbered total" is a winner. For example: the 5, 8 and 10 horse crossed the finish line in this exact order. These numbers add up to 23. Those players who picked the "total number 23" are Numeracta® winners.
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© MCMXC1X A Nite At The Races, Inc. All Rights Reserved. All Trademarks Registered with United States Patent Office. Please Note: A Nite At The Races, Inc.® offers a game specifically played as a Recreational-Entertainment activity and is not to be used for the purpose of gambling. If fundraising is a major objective, please check and abide by local municipality laws. 

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A Night At The Races® - a unique fundraising idea for your charitable non-profit fundraiser. A Night At The Races® video horse racing fundraiser is a profitable money making audience-participation social event and entertainment idea used by Churches, Schools, Knights of Columbus, Volunteer Fire Departments, Elks Lodges, Country Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Jaycees, Kiwanis, Booster Clubs, VFW Posts, Little League Baseball, Boys & Girls Clubs and numerous other non-profit charitable organizations.